Directory submission

Directory Submission - Get better search engine rankings & quality traffic to your Business

SEO Fleet offers you the one of the most important directory submission services and article submission services. A team of submissions submit your website manually to hundreds of search engine friendly directories that includes 500 free and 250 paid directories.

Although, the submission are the simplest process as you can do it by yourself yet it needs a lot of time and efforts to invest that alternatively you can invest in growing your business. Not to overlooking this process is

Quality one-way links, which improve your site ranking in search engines and additional targeted traffic from these directories are the two major benefits that you will reveal from our directory submission services.

Having received all required details from you, at SEO Fleet, in-house internet marketing professionals will submit your website in all the directories. It will take 30-45 days. Then, we provide you a detailed report highlighting the list of directories where your site has been submitted.

Where we do not do only our job but walk an extra mile, where our technical SEO team takes special care while submitting your websites in directories.

Like, Search engines penalize if a site is submitted to the directories, which is not following search engines guidelines. Here, we take utmost care while carrying out this job. Secondly, we never apply the method of automated submission.

SEO Fleet always takes care of the worst case too. In directory submission the worst case is when we submit a website in 100 directories, it may be submitted by 50.Walking on safer side, we consider all such kind of failures and have a strategy to get through them patiently. Moreover, Our service ensures that each directory we submit to has been thoroughly researched and not blacklisted by any search engine.

Before submitting any article we ensure the relevancy of the sites and also take care that all incoming links to your sites are relevant. This is the most worthwhile way to get quality visitors and ensure a reward to your investment.

So why wait? Take the advantage of manual directory submission services. Our goal is to provide best value for your money.