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SEO Fleet, Search Engine Optimization Company, India, provides SEO services that can help you to achieve top rankings. We understand why it is essential to make your website search engine friendly and how to improve your authority for your relevant keywords.

We are often asked... what do 'Search Engines' and 'Crawlers' scan in your website to make it successfully run over the Internet or rank highly?

  • The Unique Content of Website with relevant keywords.
  • The number of quality incoming links to make your website popular
  • Architecture of the Website
  • The visibility of your content
  • Debugged Code
  • Non-Spam website
  • Website certified by search engines for its authentic presence

Our Search Engine Optimization Methodology

Understanding Your Target
Our Search engine optimization services team interacts with you to examine your business and make a note of your business competitors and market segment to be targeted. This analysis is the first step towards your Internet Success. Paying attention to the competition around you is the one factor that cannot be ignored at any cost.

Keywords Strategy
Our Search Engine Optimization services team begins an intense assessment of your existing website which ensures that not even a single flaw will remain to hamper the process of search engine optimization. In this phase, a thorough search is conducted to discover your busiest/most relevant keywords. Various tools are used, manual or custom research software to gather data and create a list of the most targeted keywords as per the analysis. A list of keywords is sent to you to choose the best keywords for your website optimization.

Copywriting for Conversions
To get optimum results, unique content is highly recommended. So, if you have chosen to get your content developed, a list of keywords and phrases is passed to creative and technical content writers. As to revising your current site, writers at SEO Fleet, will create unique content in accordance with proper Optimization densities while keeping the essence of your website untouched and maintain a professional style that fits for search engine crawlers or spiders.

Further, Search Engine Optimization Team at SEO Fleet, redevelop your website to integrate the optimized content and effectively communicate your keywords to search engines. We use all of the predefined search terms strategically to maximize benefits. A good navigation link menu to inner pages makes a website more search engine friendly and helps in indexing. Keeping in mind the Search Engines work with text and not graphics, Our Search Engine Optimizers ensure that your home page includes at least 200 to 250 words that include strategic keywords accurately describing your offerings. Search engine friendly Meta tags and Alt tags are placed in each page.

Linking and Submission
Link popularity and submissions are the major tools of Search Engine Optimization and Placement. Linking a site to another relevant site is still the simplest way to reach your goal of getting higher ranking on search engines. Moreover, quality incoming links to your site will boost link popularity. Link development is absolutely essential and is a major part of the search engine optimization services that we offer.

During the Search Engine Optimization process, we will submit your website to all the major search engines including Google and Bing and several other quality sites. Each search engine places a different priority on each of the criteria used to rank web pages, and these are dynamic i.e. they change their priorities and procedures often. SEO Fleet ensures that your site is indexed by Bing and Google so it complies with their respective rules.

You will be updated with monthly ranking reports and a project report via e-mail. You should see improvement in your ranking after 30-45 days. With these reports you also can review the results on regular basis. Our technicians will every so often call you or email you to inform you the status of your website. Moreover, we welcome your call if you have any questions.

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