google search all ready to be caffeinated

Google Search All Ready to be Caffeinated: What Does This Mean for You?

Since August last year, we have been hearing about a #caffeine update for the Google search engine. In fact, in the same month, Google put up a sandbox version of the new search update for developers and other users to experiment with and give feedback on.

Engineers at Google read through all the feedback received until November, and in November, the trial was brought to an end. The final tweaks to the update then began.

Now, in January, 2010, the search team at Google is all set to unveil this new update for one and all.

However, since this is a major update, Google is being extra careful about the rollout. According to an official announcement by Google, this update will be rolled out in phases beginning with one development center for the moment.

But, what does all this mean to you as a user? How are your Google search results going to be affected? Will you have to rethink your SEO strategy? Is it going to make any change to the search, after all isn't the search algorithm at Google continuously updated and no real changes are visible then? Well, if you want answers to any or all of these questions and more, keep reading.

To begin with, caffeine is a major update to Google search. With this update, the search team is changing the entire indexing infrastructure of the Google search engine. What does this mean for you?

Well, the way a search engine indexes Web pages determines what pages of a Web site show up on the search results page. The search engineers at Google claim that with this change in indexing, your searches will be faster, more relevant, and more comprehensive.

Some of the conclusions that we could draw after trying our hand at the new Google Caffeine search are as follows:

  • The search engine definitely returned considerably faster results in most cases. However, this could be because of the absence of Adwords on the developer preview. Adwords may slow down the new search as well.
  • The search results were more relevant and more credible. Google Caffeine seems to lay significantly more importance on keywords and brand name/domain