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You can get a call from 'Google' soon

Google has always been associated and helped others/industries with the latest concepts of marketing and popularize the idea of automated ad sales on the Web. Now, it is turning towards the same traditional marketing tool – phone calls to compete in the current market standard for local business advertising.

To give this notion an initiative, the Google Inc. has hired several hundred sales representatives this year to call U.S. businesses such as restaurants, spas, and hotels to promote new advertising initiatives. One of these people said, the effort includes an office in Tempe, Ariz., with around 100 sales representatives.
Since 20% of searches done on Google are for local information, "a strong Web presence can help neighborhood businesses answer those searches and bring in more customers," said Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of geographic and local services, in a prepared statement. Google's new local ad offerings "are simple and they work, so we've been investing in marketing and sales to support them."

Debbie Codino, a manager at Bob Brown Tire Center Inc. in Portland, Ore has experienced its result. She said she gets calls on daily basis and hangs up on callers who say they can facilitate them boost the her business’s presence on the Web to attract new customers. But the same facilitation came from the Googlse with a phone call last month; she didn’t disconnect the phone and stayed on the line.