Yahoo! now powered by Bing!

Yahoo! now powered by Bing!

After a search deal happened between Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Bing a year back, now finally Bing is officially powering Yahoo’s search results in US and Canada. They have completed the back-end integration.

With this deal, Yahoo has transitioned its search back end to Bing. At first, it supports English but it will be supporting other languages soon as technical team will further take necessary steps for the same.

It is a 10 year deal that happened only after some major implementations of strategic and systematic actions were taken at both the ends. The agreement also includes a deal about the “SALES” in which Yahoo! will manage the worldwide sales for both the companies. Yahoo! will operate sales by handling premium search advertisers.

According to the principal analyst at sterling Market Intelligence, Mr. Greg Sterling- Yahoo and Microsoft won’t seize Google’s empire of what it has done till now. By their combined network, advertisers can get simplicity and broader reach. Yahoo will be more competitive that will help users feel great experiences while using it.

Yahoo will provide the advertisers and users with more value within it. The advertisers can experience self-serve advertising supported by the AdCenter of Microsoft in which search ads’ prices will be set by the automated auction process. Companies will manage their own display-advertising business.

For future, Yahoo! has an innovative plan in which Microsoft platform will also power Yahoo! web, video and image searches on desktops as well as on mobiles. They are focusing on creating rich and genuine experiences that will lead the people to unanticipated discovery.