Will BlackBerry become 'Black Worry' for RIM

Will BlackBerry become 'Black Worry' for RIM (Research in Motion)?

BlackBerry phones had become the first choice for corporates and professionals but from the day when Indian government raised question over the security aspect, people have got conscious about having it.

Indian Government is concerned about the possibilities of misuse of this application that can harm the national security. They want to ensure that the network has a restricted level of encryption, so that the information exchanged through the network is verified.

To solve this issue a meeting was held. The meeting was attended by the spokespersons of National Technical Research Organization, telecom department, the Intelligence Bureau and Special Secretary UK Bansal that was overseen by Home Secretary GK Pillai.

Will Black Berry users have to face inconvenience due to the issue between the Government, and RIM (makers of Black Berry)?

Well, this more gossiped topic had been mounting to its peak since 2008, has took a gulp of air when RIM agreed with the government to provide access to its server to track data for the security purposes for any security agency.

RIM has been asked by the Home Ministry to give access to its encrypted data, to ascertain authenticity of the information exchanged between users. The ministry also requires that an access of all communication (exchanged using telecom networks) should be provided to law enforcement agencies as well.

After solving the BlackBerry issue, the Government will also test the Gmail and the Skype servers in India. For which, an access to their data is has already been demanded by the Government.