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Google to launch Pay-Per-View Movie Service through YouTube

According to latest news ‘Google’ is supposedly discussing with a number of major Hollywood studios to create a ‘pay-per-view service’ through its subsidiary “YouTube”. According to this agreement consumers will be allowed to stream television shows and movies directly from their computer.
Once Google finalizes the negotiation process, it will be ready to stand in front of Netflix and probably Apple, which is reportedly involved in the same services through the reinvention of its set-top box, Apple TV.
In august, Netflix and pay TV channel Epix signed a five year $1 billion agreement. According to this deal, the DVD subscription service will become an exclusive Internet-based provider of Paramount Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios films and Lions Gate Entertainment.
According to the news source ‘The Financial Times’, industry is getting indication that Google may initiate offering the service in the United States, but Google will roll it out to a global audience soon and for sure.

If this agreement reaches to its success, undoubtedly, consumers may be able to stream feature films for $5.