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Google announces its new Music Beta service

Recently Google has announced its new Music Beta service that provides users with the ability to upload their music libraries to Google's servers for cloud-based hosting. It allows users to access content from any device. The recent announcement vies against Amazon's Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services and Apple's expected MobileMe revamp.

Music Beta is currently available via invitation to U.S. users and will allow users to upload up to 20,000 songs using software for Windows or Mac. The service then offers a web-based interface and initial app support for Android devices. Google has yet to announce pricing for when the service exits beta while the service is free while in beta.

Google has yet to achieve the cooperation of major music labels, forcing the company to rely on a "passive" system in which users are responsible for uploading their own content like Amazon's cloud-based system. Google had been working to reach agreements with record labels to compress a more strong service, but those talks had stalled with the two sides at an impasse.

With Apple reportedly having its own service ready to go and finalizing deals with record labels, Google has apparently shifted gears to more quickly launch the scaled back service without label support.