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Blekko-A new search engine in the race

Blekko’ – Search Engine will be a new search experience for users. Packed up with some more advanced search possibilities, Blekko is all set to be launched after a tough experimenting time of 2.5 years.

Rich Skrenta is the cofounder and CEO of Blekko. He was one of the founders of the Open Directory Project and cofounder of Topix. Blekko has about $20 million venture capital from well-known angel and venture investors in Silicon Valley.

Blekko provides a better approach to search the web by using slashtags.  With slashtags users can cut out the spam sites and can be able to find only the sites they want. The users can create their own slashtags and can limit searches to a certain set of websites.

The slashtags are Blekko's refinement tools. It filters the results by certain criteria described by the users. For example, if you make a search for "global warming/conservative", it will fetch articles about global warming, but only from conservative websites.

Blekko can also support in a variety of preset slashtags that allows users to filter the results by content type, date and topic. These features sound useful for the SEO companies which will strive to reach out to their targeted users through Blekko.

The concept of Blekko is similar to Wikipedia. In the future, Blekko plans to improve the quality of search results with user generated slashtags. The experimenting has started, as the beta version of this new search engine has been launched some days ago for user experience test.