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SEO Fleet - Google Analytics Services - use to track your daily visitors...

SEO Fleet offers a complete solution for Internet Marketing Services and Google Analytics Services is one of them.


Using Google Analytics Services you have everything in your hands instantly. Like

  • Where do your website visitors come from?
  • What should you prefer as your marketing mediums?
  • Which kind of advertisement had the highest conversions?
  • What are the most relevant keywords do people use to find your web site?
  • Maps pointing to from where site visitors are geographically located?
  • Statistics track report such as revenue and conversion rates.

Google Analytics is basically a fully integrated reporting system. These services make you more vigilant to your internet marketing strategies and help you to get optimal return on you ad campaigns with Google.

At SEO Fleet, you will meet with dynamic web analytics professionals who understand your business, prepare a report you want and hand over a key to success. Our web analytic team assists you through rigorous process of implementation, development to interpretation on the crucial points and how to win over each internet marketing campaigns by making a right decision.

SEO FLEET provides the Google Analytical Services that matches to your specific requirements:
  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • Google Analytics Training
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Google Analytics Goal Development and Implementation
  • Google Analytics Integration With Shopping Carts
  • Google Analytics Goal Tracking
  • Google Analytics Customization & Segmentation

We do not but our years of experience combines with analytical minds promise you and you will not instead your business volume will answer back.

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