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SEO Fleet - SEO campaign management means the assurance of your online investment

Campaign Management Service is the inseparable technology for Organic Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing Campaigns. How? What is the assurance of your online Investment? DON'T WORRY!

"A businessman always first scours for security before investment in any kind of branding or venture. Assessments and accountability of getting a fair return on investment one does is the primary concern of SEO Fleet. Measurement and Comparisons are essential to any venture".

Campaign Management Service is the method of tracking your online advertisement campaigns using an integrated analytics tool that allows for cross channel ROI assessment. Our marketing experts empower your ad campaigns with a sound track record that help you determine your response rates from all your advertising campaigns. Our Ad Tracks services allow you to track and make a right decision from ad campaign reports.

With the help of Ad Tracks Campaign, You will not only be able to analyze the cost-effective mode of online advertisement you should focus but also provides you the exact information that helps you to take financial decisions. These analytics are accurate and greatly helps you to discern between economical way of generating quality leads.

By Ad Tracks, you can also monitor from which location the visitors comes to you by tracking his phone numbers, email addresses and web addresses and internet protocol.

The capabilities of our solution include

  • Point and click Integration with Google Adwords
  • Automated lead conversion
  • Real-time analytics
  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • Ease-of-use interface

We, at SEO Fleet, use both Call Data Capture and Web Data Capture methods to track the effectiveness of your ad campaign and it is responding.

How does you benefit from Campaign Management Services? There are number of important facts that a campaign analytics report reveals.

For instance from these reports you may know

  • Geographical location of the users
  • Number of sites that host the campaign
  • Number of sites that refer to the campaign
  • Average time spent with the campaign
  • Unique number of views for the campaign
  • Total number of views for the campaign
  • Hourly, weekly and monthly campaign statistics
  • Number of hits from specific locations
  • User return percentage
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